The artist’s book ZamZam consists of 200 copies with hand- drawn cover of which 50 as a special edition.

Supported by Fonds Kwadraat, stichting Stokroos and gallery Sanaa

Cover special edition

Cover normal edition

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    *Van CoBra tot boorolie at Stedelijk Museum Schiedam 18 February- 22 March 2020


    * Pictura Dordrecht Oktober 2020 Maria Ikonomopoulou, Kathrin Wolkowicz and Fatima Barznge

    Past Exhibition:

    * Roots&routes . 10 years Galerie SANAA

    7 dec-15 feb 2020 group exhibition

    * Solo Exhibition
    ZamZam Galerie Sanaa Utrecht 2019

    * De vrouwelijke blik / The Female Gaze
    Museum De Buitenplaats 2019

    * At Home Everywhere
    Verhalenhuis Belvédère Rotterdam 2019


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