Acrylic on canvas
24 x 18 cm (8x)

Exhibition overview TENT Rotterdam 2015

With these works I refer to the landscape of my youth that has changed completely. Iraq has been destroyed and rebuilt so that the place of my youth does not exist any more.
The series , Aghdjalar 2010, consists of four paintings in two renderings. In these I show the process of my research as well as my memories of several moments and placesin my place of birth Aghdjalar. Within abovementioned works I searched for a new painting technique. For the first time I painted coloured areas with a brush. This was a completely different approach from my earlier work in which my painting was more graphic.

Photography by Jan Ariaans

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    UPCOMING: opening 23 november 17.00-19.00 - 13 januari 2019.
    SANAA Selected! Met Selected! laat Galerie Sanaa werk zien van de kunstenaars die de afgelopen jaren in de galerie en/of op diverse beurzen zijn getoond. Een prikkelende selectie van hedendaagse kunst op een uitbundige manier gepresenteerd.

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