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Solo ZamZam gallery Sanaa Utrecht September 2019

Installation view Study of Square/ ZamZam at Het Wilde Weten Rotterdam

Overview Study of Square at Art The Hague with gallery Sanaa Utrecht 2018

      Overview Study of Square gallery Sanaa Utrecht 2018

Left Rachel Carey and right Fatima Barznge
OnArte Locarno

Left Isolde Venrooy and right Fatima Barznge
Gallery Sanaa Utrecht

TENT Rotterdam 2015

Gallery Suzanne Biederberg Amsterdam 2013

TENT Rotterdam 2011

Photography by Jan Adriaans

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    *Van CoBra tot boorolie at Stedelijk Museum Schiedam 18 February- 22 March 2020


    * Pictura Dordrecht Oktober 2020 Maria Ikonomopoulou, Kathrin Wolkowicz and Fatima Barznge

    Past Exhibition:

    * Roots&routes . 10 years Galerie SANAA

    7 dec-15 feb 2020 group exhibition

    * Solo Exhibition
    ZamZam Galerie Sanaa Utrecht 2019

    * De vrouwelijke blik / The Female Gaze
    Museum De Buitenplaats 2019

    * At Home Everywhere
    Verhalenhuis Belvédère Rotterdam 2019


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