Curriculum Vitae

Fatima Barznge
Origin Iraq Kurdistan
Nationality Dutch
Telefoon 0612619720
Studioadress Pootstraat 43, postcode 3034 bb, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

2000-2005 Royal Academy of Art, the Hague, the Netherlands, Painting, Graduate Cum Laude
1989-1993 Mustanseryia University, Bagdad Iraq, business administration, bachelor


2019 ZamZam gallery Sanaa Utrecht(solo)

2019 At Home Everywhere Verhalenhuis Belvédère Rotterdam(group)
2019 The Female Gaze Museum De Buitenplaats(group)
2018-2019 SANAA Selected!gallery Sanaa Utrecht(group)
2018 Art The Hague with gallery Sanaa: Jouni Toni, Sam Hersbach, Fatima Barznge en Mariaan van den Berg
2018 Waited for the fish corner, gallery Hommes Rotterdam(group)
2018 Summer @ SANAA Highlights of the last year(group)
2018 Transpose – essence of forms gallery Snaa Utrecht: Isabel Ferrand, Yasser Ballemans, Nan Groot Antink and Fatima Barznge
2017 De Oriént 2.0 Pulchri studio The Hague(group)
2017 Lungs of Sugar OneArte Locarno, curated by Kathrin Wolkowicz: Andrea Callard, Gianfranco Baruchello, Gianluca Monnier, Markus Zimmermann, Rachel Carey and Fatima Barznge
2017 Summer @ Sanaa gallery Sanaa Utrecht(group)
2017 Pathos of distance gallery Sanaa, Utrecht: Karin Suter, Twana Kushnau, Isolde Venrooy and Fatima Barznge
2016 VerRotterdamst museum Rotterdam, Rotterdam(group)
2016 Anders kijken Artsalon De Heuvel Rotterdam(group)
2016 Moving Realities gallery Sanaa, Utrecht(group)
2015 Guest artists Borgerstraat curated by Heyer Thurnheer, Rotterdam(group)
2015 Shift & Drift TENT platform for contemporary art Rotterdam, curated by Eelco van der Lingen(group)
2014 The art of travelling gallery Ramfoundation, curated by Berry Koedam Rotterdam(group)
2014 Gallery Bob Vlakehuis Amsterdam(solo)
2013 My lost paradise gallery Suzanne Biederberg, Amsterdam(solo)
2013 Gallery Phoebus ladekastproject, Rotterdam(group)
2012 Gallery Diversity & Art, Amsterdam(solo)
2012 Duende Rotterdam(group)
2012 Gallery Kralingen, Rotterdam(group)
2011 Salon Pictura, Dordrecht(group)
2011 Escape from the past gallery Suzanne Biederberg, Amsterdam(solo)
2011 Nieuwe Vide, curated by Moritz Ebinger Haarlem(group)
2011 Every picture tells a story in TENT Rotterdam, curated by Willie Stehouwer(group)
2010 Gallery Lutz, Delft(solo)
2010 Salon Pictura, Dordrecht(group)
2010 BRIDGIN, gallery Hommes, Rotterdam(group)
2010 Dromen van Dordrecht gallery Compagnie, Dordrecht(group)
2010 Hewri, big vitrine city art center CBK, Rotterdam(solo)
2010 Zwervende Tentoonstelling#15, Rotterdam(group)
2009 Salon Pictura, Dordrecht(group)
2009 Art Amsterdam gallery Suzanne Biederberg, Amsterdam(solo)
2009 The Netherlands Irak cultural exhibition Atrium of the Hague(group)
2008 Source –Threads of origins passing into the present gallery Mirta Demara, Rotterdam(group)
2008 Wederzijds – kunst in context, Kruithuis, curated by Oscar Schrover Den Bosch(group)
2008 Amnesty International, Amsterdam(solo)
2007 Herdenken, gallery Suzanne Biederberg, Amsterdam(solo)
2007 Gallery Castle of Rhoon, Rhoon(duo)
2006 Jaala Art, Tokyo Metropolitan museum, Irakese Kurdish section(group)
2006 Artstore, Art Ambassy, Rotterdam(group)
2005 Premiere, gallery Rehorst, the Hague(group)
2005 Young Talent 2005, Artolive Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam(group)
2005 Autumn exhibition, Ernst & Young, the Hague(group)
2005 Final exam Royal Academy of Art, the Hague(group)

Grants / Prizes:
2018 Publication grant Stichting Stokroos, Utrecht
2014 O & O subsidie(Research and development grant) CBK center visual arts Rotterdam
2013 Project grant, Mondriaan Fund, Amsterdam
2008 Starter stipend, the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture, Amsterdam
2006 Starter stipend, the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture, Amsterdam
2005 Final exam price, Royal Academy of Art, the Hague

Publications/ Media:

2019,  review 23/09/2019 about soloexhibition ZamZam galerie Sanaa Utrecht by Paul Voors

2019 Artists book ZamZam

2019 Borgerstraat 2018/2019 Book Edition NR.5 image report and Conversation

2018, review 23/02/2018 Transpose -essence of forms- galerie Sanaa Utrecht by Paul Voors
2016, image report 28/04/2016 Moving Realities- galerie Sanaa Utrecht by Paul Voors
2015 O & O subsidie book, center visual arts Rotterdam
2014 Big Rotterdam artcalender 2015, Trichis Publishing
2014 De reis van een virus of een lichtstraal review NRC 27/09/2014 by Tracy Metz
2014 Materiaal fonds: rentevrij leningen voor kunstenaars, fotografen en ontwerpers, boek, interview 5 artist by Judith de Bruyn
2013 review 07/12/2013 Suzanne Biederberg Gallery; Fatima Barznge- My Lost Paradise by Niek Hendrix
2013, image report 15/03/2013 ladekastproject@Phoebus, Rotterdam by Jeroen Bosch
2013 Interview Fatima Barznge, website Materiaal Fonds 10/12/2013 by Jusith de Bruyn
2013 Big Rotterdam artcalender 2014
2012 Zwaan Kleef aan, Nieuw Vide, catalogue
2011 PicturaBlad 3/11 Een ode by Yvonne van den Herik
2011 image report /25/02/2011 Every Picture Tells A Story @ TENT Rotterdam by Jeroen Bosch
2010 Met Stip 2010, catalogue, the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture, Amsterdam
2009 Art Amsterdam catalogue
2008 Innerlijke spiegels, book image by Oscar Schrover
2007 FATIMA BARZNGE, review Kunstbeeld nr 12-1-2007, by Hans Sizoo
2007 Kunstenaar worden, book by Royal Academy of Art, the Hague
2007 Foundation Kasteel van Rhoon, catalogue
2006 Artstore, catalogue
2006 Art Jaala, catalogue
2005 Artolive Yong talent, Catalogue
2005 Kurdistani new, 29/12/2005 review by Baktyar Saed Kurdistan Iraq
2005 Ontdekkingsreis van 167 kunststudenten, Haagse Courant 28/06/2005 by Herman Rosenberg
2005 Final exam catalogue the Hague


2019 NOG collection Stedelijk Museum Schiedam the Netherlands

2005- 2019 various private collections

Secondary activities:
2013 Scout Prix de Rome, Mondriaan Fund, Amsterdam
2010-2013 Advisory committees the Netherlands foundation for visual arts, design and architecture,
and Mondriaan fund, Amsterdam

  • News

    Verbeelding in plaats van reclame  09- 07 until 09- 08 – 2020 Buitenexhibition group Rotterdam


    Pictura Dordrecht January 2021 Maria Ikonomopoulou, Kathrin Wolkowicz and Fatima


    *Islamic art, abstraction and patterns. Anissa Foukalne will give a lecture about my work Study of Square/ ZamZam in Stedelijk museum Schiedam on 13 March 2020 at 14 .00.

    *Van CoBra tot boorolie at Stedelijk Museum Schiedam 18-02 until 22-03-2020 group exhibition Curated by Colin Huizing

    * Roots& routes . 10 years Galerie Sanaa Utrecht 07 -12- until 15 -02- 2020 group exhibition

    * ZamZam Galerie Sanaa Utrecht 28-08 until 26-09- 2019 solo exhibition

    * The Female Gaze Museum De Buitenplaats Eelde 11-05 until 10-06- 2019 group exhibition

    * At Home Everywhere
    Verhalenhuis Belvédère Rotterdam 28-05 until 28-07- 2019 group exhibition


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